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Oceânica is a company that works in the Real Estate business, builds and sells high-end properties, in addition to having a Design, Architecture, Logistics and Consulting office to help you optimize your project and I can create more than one property, an asset for your life and your future.


Consulting & Management

Real Estate Projects

The partnership established between real estate professionals and Oceânica, allow our team of consultants to access a largest database in terms of land, buildings or houses. At all times we know what is most valued and for that we ane able to advise you on your project so that you can choose with all the data you need.



& Construction

We design any and all projects for Architecture and Civil Construction projects.

Residential buildings, private villas, hotels, spas, gyms, playful, commercial or any other in any terrain or place.

3D projections and virtual reality are available tools for you to see and feel before starting any work, ensuring that it is to your liking.


Turnkey project

The turnkey service is a complete service from the idea to the construction.

We present locations for the implementation of your project and take care of all the documentation and drawings of architecture and engineering, construction, finishes and decoration, so that you can see your work done, without hassles or complications. Everything handled by the best professionals in the business.


Sale of apartments

Oceânica develops signature projects with the best construction standards and details that set them apart from any other development in the city of Praia.


Apartments of different types and Penthouses are available in all buildings to meet your needs.

Contact us and get to know our properties.


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